Hungry Cat Pictures

Live Videos

Videos filmed in real time with multiple cameras and quality audio

Unicorn Girl Band BKK Bangkok, Thailand

Jimmy Binks and the Shakehorns      Tokyo, Japan

片田道子(Pf.)、加藤直子(Vn.)、畠中元子(Va.)、田中愛(Vc.) Tokyo, Japan











Scripted Videos

Official Music Videos

MANA HARDCORE- Remember 13

Tits,Tats&Whiskers- Three Days Before Friday

The Dirty T's- Land of Smiles


Commercial and Documentaries

Push for More Documentaries and Commercials


O.G.A. FOR AID, Nonprofit Organization 



Hungry Cat Pictures

Director, Darrell A. Guinn

   Having graduated university with a degree in Mass Media Technology and having directed and edited for a major media corporation for several years, I have been able to change my focus and select video projects that I am personally enthusiastic about. Since 2007, I have been dedicating my skills primarily to indie musicians who demonstrate an equal amount of passion for their music.

   Establishing the independent effort Hungry Cat Pictures from a single Tokyo based studio, the client base has expanded to both the Philippines and Thailand and has grown to include documentaries, commercials, and televised broadcasts as well as a unique internship program.     

Photo Credit: Kyoko Obayash, Nightlife photographer

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Photo By: Yiftach Belsky